1. Malik Jawad Hassan's Avatar
    I know BlackBerry 10 is goin down but can't they just do us a favor and develop native version of these popular apps? Buying BlackBerry phone was my biggest mistake! Mr john chen plz do us a favour and give us native version of these apps I assure you we will not dare to buy BlackBerry again we won't repeat this mistake!! I didn't know we were buying BlackBerry phone to enjoy android. Apps on it!!

    Posted via CB10
    07-29-15 05:32 AM
  2. tollfeeder's Avatar
    Did you read those http://forums.mobilenations.com/rule...uidelines.html ?

    " Cross Posting - Do not post duplicate questions or topics in multiple forums or threads." ...

    Via Pasta CB10
    07-29-15 05:54 AM
  3. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    07-29-15 05:56 AM

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