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    A bit of a weird issue that I have just noticed on my phone.

    I am using a Verizon Q10 on Koodo in Canada. When I have my sim card in I am unable to select "enable group chat" when selecting two text messaging contacts. When I take the sim card out I can go in and create a group text and the "enable group chat" option appears.

    When I put my sim back in I am able to send through the group text message created when no sim was in the phone, but any responses I get do not receive through the group message. They come back as separate messages from both contacts.

    I didn't unlock the phone myself, but when I look at my sim security settings it all seems to be unlocked.

    I'm running a leaked version of, perhaps this is not an issue on official versions but I am waiting on Verizon to push out the update.
    03-03-15 09:57 PM

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