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    The software was on the computer successfully some time back. In the meantime I had the computer repaired and at one point removed the software because I wanted the USB to charge the phone instead of just playing around with the software. (I do hate that about this software - I like everything about the phone except for Blackberry Link). I have reinstalled the software and it recognized the phone, but it could not find the drives and said there was a connectivity problem. I repaired software, tried again. I uninstalled software, rebooted, reinstalled tried again. Same errors over and over. Two errors. If I try to log in it says that I don't have internet service - but I do. And it will not find the pictures on the phone.

    I have the software on my work computer and it works fine. So what in blue blazes is wrong?

    Z10 version When I went to look that up I discovered Blackberry protect was on. Turned it off but it made no difference. Installed the software on an older laptop and it won't sign in - says no internet again - but it did download the pictures onto the older computer. So I'll use Amazon or a thumb drive to move them - but what is going on?
    01-07-18 04:47 PM
  2. Carjackd's Avatar
    Look for antivirus, or other third-party applications with firewall functionality that are installed on the computer.
    Verify whether the BlackBerry 10 Smartphone connection is being blocked....that’s my guess
    01-07-18 08:29 PM

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