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    My Q10 has serious problem with rendering graphic.
    I bought my blackberry on March 2014 (yeah, i know it's long time ago.)
    About a month later, suddenly it broke down.

    Everything works fine. I could get phone calls, texts, play audio and stuff.
    But I couldn't see what was going on.
    You can see the picture:
    (putting link makes my post marked as spam, so twitter/ssonng/status/601645426568073217

    That error 0020 is solved naturally, so focus on the fact that it renders simple pages, like error message, blackberry link pop-up or blackberry logo at the begging part of booting.

    My Q10 still works and respond to my touch. I can assume that it tries to show me my message hub when I swipe.

    Another fun fact, it got worse than before. I remember I could somehow send messages about a year and a month ago.

    I am in Korea, so there's no official blackberry service center here.
    I went to several phone fixing people, but they couldn't find the reason.

    I've been using iPhone since the tragedy occurred, I still miss using it.
    I even see dreams of my cured blackberry.

    Can anyone let me know what the problem is?
    05-22-15 02:24 AM
  2. vergiove's Avatar
    Maybe your phone is defects

    Posted by Z30
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    05-22-15 10:16 PM

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