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    Fresh out of the box, I slip my simcard in, connect to wifi, enter my gmail account, and the thing has rebooted 20 times and won't stop.

    I keep getting the old "your battery is dead and we're shutting down" noise from my classic on it--it will do it three or four times, then restart. Battery is at 50%.

    It occasionally lets me get to my home screen, where I can start accessing apps, and then it restarts. Usually, I can barely enter my pin before it restarts.

    A few notifications pop up in the upper left screen. DTEK tells me my security is ok. The blackberry notes app is stuck on 20%. I see these things. Then restart.

    Any ideas before I send the back and go running to my Classic?

    Thanks in advance.
    06-30-17 09:23 PM

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