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    After successfully migrated to BES 10.2 and working with Blackberry Q5, Z10 and Z30 we now got our first iPhone 6. Because we only had EMM - Corporate for BlackBerry CALs I purchased a few Silver CALs and activated them on our BES. We also updated BES to the newest version 10.2.4 release.

    On iPhone 6 there is no more BES10 client so I installed BES12 client from App Store. Using server address "de.bbsecure.com/Sxxxxxxxx" was new to me but seamed to work because I got the certificate. I then used the account and activation code as usual. Because we are using Domino 9 and Traveler 9 the account is the full email address and we don't have a domain. I tried both a new user on BES and one with an already working Blackberry.

    Problem is I get the following error:
    Code 1007: Invalid username / password

    Did I forgot something or is it a bug?

    Thanks for your time
    02-04-15 09:32 AM

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