1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    My DTEK60 is draining battery very fast now. It only lasts for a few hours and frequency shuts off at 40% Charge. I suspect its the battery. Have already done a Factory reset with no improvement. Unfortunately my phone was bought in Feb 2017, so its out of warranty. I have heard that Blackberry will not RMA the device if it is out of warranty. Is this true? Does anyone have experience with this? I am certainly not willing to put hundreds of dollars into the repair. Is it worth the effort to try and get blackberry to repair the phone? i did email them but no response yet.

    I looked at the forums to see if I could replace the battery myself. Since its a unibody construction and Glued on top of this, looks like i may have problems with this. I have even read about people taking them apart and damaging them badly enough they will not work properly. I am pretty handy with this type of stuff usually, but this may be beyond me. Struggling about what to do next....
    04-28-18 11:19 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    You might be able to take it to an repair shop local to you and have them replace it but other than that, BlackBerry won't touch without it costing a few hundred and that's only if they repair it OOW, which they probably won't.
    04-29-18 01:40 AM
  3. bonimansi's Avatar
    buy a new phone. this will not be fixed or attended anytime for this model. sad story but this is what it is
    04-29-18 07:09 AM
  4. bdun's Avatar
    I did actually buy a new phone a Sony Experia XZ1. ik just did not like it. Now this is a really nice phone, but i don't like the 18:9 aspect ratio and just did not like the display. Not to mention the fact that its like $1000 to buy. fortunately my wife saw the phone and claimed it. She loves it. No budget to buy anouther phone so I went ahead and opened up the DTEK60 with a heat gun and replaced the battery from one I purchased online for the IDOL 4 (Identical specs). Noticed the old battery was looking a little singed so I cleaned out everything and put new battery in. Now it works fine, except one week later charging port stopped working. Opened it up again fixed charging port connection closed it up. Now charges fine. one week ago the internal microphone stopped working. People can not hear me when I call. Most likely the microphone module on the bottom is burned out or there is a connection issue. I will take it apart again and repair or replace microphone module. This phone is a handful. I might was well just leave the back off. Are you hearing me Blackberry? This phone is breaking far to often, lucky I am exremely adept at fixing things things or I would have tossed it long ago. I am determiend to keep this phone, even though there were Update issues (I figured out the security update issues myself!) Hardware issues (BATTERY, CHARGER and MICROPHONE), all now resolved except for microphone issue and not the best support from blackberry. maybe I should be given a metal for keeoing this phone working, or a whack on the head for spending so much time repairing it. Hope everyone finds this post interesting.
    07-19-18 07:48 AM
  5. Theo Groenevelt's Avatar
    There is no doubt that this previously touted TOP of The line phone has ****ty Battery life...typically noticed after a year or so. without use mine lasts about 3-4 hours, Christ thats worse than most of the iCrap I've been forced to use for work...
    08-16-18 08:22 PM

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