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    Today I tried to update the OS on my Blackberry Q10. Unfortunately it seemed to crash after the reboot..it wouldnt turn on. I tried many things, all in vain. I then read to try 'updating the software' vie internet explorer, by going onto the blackberry website. I did that. Nowehere did it warn me that all the data from my phone would be wiped out.(most importantly photos and contacts)

    Now that it has switched on again, everythign has gone. All my lovely photos. All my texts, all my contacts. Please can somebody help me, is there something that can be done?

    thanks very much,

    01-11-15 07:47 PM
  2. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    It's all gone. Sorry. You'll have to settle for your most recent backup
    01-11-15 07:50 PM

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