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    Having managed to install the Google Play store on my Q10 without issue, i'm facing problems with both the Garmin Connect and Strava apps requiring Google Play Services upon opening them. This is annoying as they load up fine, and then pop up this message about requiring services and that's it, I have tried to install the lucky patcher that seemed to work on 10.2, but it don't appear to install or work since upgrading to 10.3.1, and directly trying to download Google Play Services from the app store don't work either so i'm stuck...

    An idea's?
    03-01-15 07:55 AM
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    Get LuckyPatcher from Cobalt's post, the newer releases fail to install. If LuckyPatcher does not cut it, try the desktop patcher (also found on Cobalt's post).

    That's it. There is no Google Play Services for BB10, if the app needs it, it needs it. If it doesn't, than the patchers can work around that.
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    03-01-15 08:37 AM

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