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    Yesterday i m working on my phone and a android app is opened, but suddenly a blue screen came and all screen gestures stucks, so i open the back of my z10 and pull the battery out and restart the phone. Phone restarts properly and when home screen came and i slide up to see the home screen, it stuck and slowly and slowly i saw that screen disappears the content. then black screen came. I again pull out the battery but after that my z10 does even start up.
    I tried a lot by pulling battery out and pressing and holding power button, press and hold vol - + keys, but phone not starts.
    When i pull out the battery and insert charger usb, it show red light.
    I read all possible threads and do these:

    Pull out battery and again insert it: Not start up
    I charge it for 14-15 hours but not start up.
    I put my friend battery but ot start up.
    I put my battery into friends phone, it works into friends phone.
    Try different charger no sign of charging.

    Phone neither charging nor startup...

    I tried to reload the OS but phone is not detected into my PC.

    I run autoloader but unable to connect to Bootroom

    12-15-14 02:06 PM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    Sounds like you did everything you could.... just hope you have insurance on it too, as it sounds like your Z10 is a gone.
    12-15-14 02:51 PM

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