1. Smeary's Avatar
    Hey, appreciate this community first of all. I now have a blackberry passport, 9900 and this keyone. I want to own BlackBerry one day. This is my first one and already I have appreciated a bit more than I bargained for. And I mean that in a good and a not so good way.

    I'm asking for help on getting the keyone running fast. It froze once in the gym and disconnected my Bluetooth, (playing the music outloud) then reconnected it. It froze for about 3 mins. And I only had Pandora, Google sheets, and keep open. I've maxed out the internal memory. But have a card inside and it's got plenty of space still. I'll check again but pretty sure last time I checked. It froze this morning on the YouTube app. Only app open. I could lock the device and I could swipe while locked for camera but when I unlocked it showed the frozen YouTube image. I clicked on settings and it just would not do anything. And of course during the whole time I tried the back button, home button and the box button. Nothing. I called BlackBerry, they said because I got it third party they can't help.

    I didn't find that answer fair as I intended to get this the day it came out and the only site I could find was theirs and they directed me to third party (best buy.) I thought best buy was just selling it, again as I went to the site to purchase. There was no option to buy directly.

    So now I am looking to this community.

    1) What can I do to make it faster?
    2) Are these issues caused by low ram or specs of the phone?
    3) I don't want to purchase key2 because I think it's pretty much identical. And I jumped the gun slapping full price for this. But is that recommended? - new device
    4) is there tricks to speed up and prevent this from happening - it seems each new update slows it down in ways it wasn't before and speeds up others I wasn't worried about. Are others having similar issues and if so what did you do?

    5) Is the keyone still a good phone?

    I like my phone, I loved it when I got it. I want 2 love it again.

    Thanks for any input.

    Look forward to reading your recommendations/suggestions
    12-12-18 04:09 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Before OREO, clearing the cache was the main "trick"...

    Could always try a Factory Reset to see if that "fixes" it.

    Some here say they have no issues with the Keyone being solid and stable... many others found the processor and ram too confining. Usage varies...
    12-12-18 08:23 AM
  3. Daniele Tham's Avatar
    Hi Smeary, I have the slowdown problem on my KeyOne too but I have fixed it myself & it is back to its normal speed as when I had it day one when the Android software is the Android 7. The slow-down problems started after I updated my Keyone to the Orfeo Android 8.1.0 . To identify whether you have the same problem as mine, please open-up the Blackberry POWER CENTRE App. Click on Memory Usage. Tell me whether the green bar shows almost full around 90%. Look at the list of Current Running Apps below the Bar. Some of them will have Force Stop in Bold Print. Tell me which app shows the biggest memory eater/usage. I await your reply before going further.
    12-20-18 02:07 PM

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