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    Hi All! I've been using my Key2 without any major problems for almost two years now. It had the most recent Android OS updates. This morning, as I was reading an email, the screen froze (I have never seen it do this before). The backlight remained on (including with the onscreen BB buttons, like the back button).

    Then, I held the power button for a while and that all turned off. Now, the only signs of life are a blinking green light. When I plug it in the a wall charger, it blinks green and then red very quickly. When I plug it into a computer, it stays a solid red with occasional blinks (the computer does not seem to detect anything). When I hold the power button for extended periods (or combinations with others), it changes the blinking pattern, but nothing happens. I had it plugged in (and tried turning it on while plugged in) for the last three hours, but no luck.

    Before I try to get this repaired at a local shop, any suggestions?
    01-25-21 11:15 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Different charger, different cable.

    Press and hold the power button again, or power button, home button, and volume up button altogether
    01-25-21 03:03 PM

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