1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    When I connect my blackberry curve 9350 to pc, it recognises the device but does not connect to the desktop software. It gives three option - Retry, update or cancel.
    I have tried updating, I did not help. Clicking on retry does not help either.
    10-29-14 12:39 PM
  2. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    Make sure you are connected with a functional data cable. A charge only cable wont let you connect. If it's the cable that came with the device, it is the correct type, but it could still be damaged.
    To eliminate software glitches, reboot the computer and the 9350.
    Make sure you are using a USB 2.0 port directly on the computer, connecting through a USB Hub may cause issues. Using a USB1.X or 3.0 port will cause issues.
    Try a different port on the computer than what you are using, it could be the port is damaged.
    10-29-14 01:02 PM

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