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    Hi everyone, just wanna ask for some help. I was trying to change my sim card when my Blackberry curve 9220's screen lags and freezes so I removed the battery, put it back but it won't turn on. Here's what I did next:
    1. Pressed the on/off button for like 5 mins, didn't work.
    2. I removed the battery again, put it back after several mins. didn't work.
    3. I connected the wall charger, the red light flashes then blinks four times every second. I waited for hours, the screen's black still doesn't turn on but the red light keeps blinking.
    4. While charging, I removed the battery, put it back after several minutes still doesn't turn on and all I see is the red blinking light.
    5. I charged it for 2 hours, still the screen is black, doesn't turn on and red light keeps blinking.

    Hope I could get some help aside from suggesting to throw up my phone against the wall. Thanks.
    07-14-14 08:55 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    I think the four led blinks mean this,
    1111 OS Signature Invalid Bad device memory hardware.
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    07-14-14 09:29 PM
  3. berryswitch's Avatar
    Any solution to that?
    07-15-14 02:24 AM
  4. surajsuvarna76's Avatar
    Please try this sequence...note that, throughout the entire 4h15m process, your BB must remain connected to a known-good wall charger (not PC USB):
    With the battery inside, connect your BB to the wall charger
    Leave it alone for 2 hours, no matter what the LED or the display does
    Remove the battery
    Wait 15 minutes
    Insert the battery
    Wait another 2 hours, no matter what the LED or the display does
    This has been known to "kick start" some BBs.

    It is also possible that your battery or BB has experienced a problem...to test, this sequence is needed:
    Obtain a known good and already fully charged additional battery...use it in your BB and see what happens
    Obtain access to a known good and identical BB...use your battery in it and see what happens
    The results of this will indicate if it's your BB or your battery that has the problem.

    Good luck and let us know!
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    10-27-15 11:53 AM

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