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    my phone berry 9300 pin no 27****E3
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    11-25-15 10:30 AM
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    you physic ally need the phone to find the imei number unless you call the carrier and ask them
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    11-25-15 05:34 PM
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    Hey there !

    First, I've masked your PIN, because if one day you get your device back, it's not a good idea to write it outright on an open forum. Moreover, there's nothing we can do with that.

    Second, I'd ask if you've activated BlackBerry protect on your device.
    I may help to localize it and more, if activated, you might retrieve (partially) data, make it ring (maybe it's somewhere near you ?), display a message like "hey, call me, I'll give a reward to get my device back", wipe it or even declare it stolen.

    What you need is to go there : https://protect.blackberry.com and login using your BlackBerry ID credentials.
    Once logged in, you should find your device listed and access all you need to retrieve it or declare it stolen.

    Let us know and good luck !
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    11-26-15 03:23 AM

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