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    My phone always force close by itself I dont know whats goin on, please help

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    07-02-17 03:06 AM
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    When did you first notice this "always" issue ?
    After an OS upgrade or perhaps an update, download and install of recent app?
    Many times (just like your home computer,) you must reboot for the download to complete its install.
    There are other reasons but these are the most common.
    The fact that your device has shut down many times means you have (at this point) one to several corrupt files.
    If you think you know which app may be causing this issue try uninstalling it. But, with each crash files will continue to corrupted and fail a little more each time.

    Also, if you're not running the last OS , I'd suggest you install it. OS
    If your z10 is running pretty ragged all around, I'd suggest you install an Autoloader and download and install frech apps.
    You'll be rewarded with a device that runs like new. Or you can try sideloading the OS to refresh it and it won't affect your apps or settings.

    Follow this link: (everything you need is in the first post) https://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-l...801.1498620910
    07-02-17 06:32 AM
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    1 month ago, i think this happened after I installed Lucky patcher..

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    07-02-17 08:33 AM

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