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    I am running the latest software on my BBZ10 and when I have gone to look for a cd on blackberry world, I only have the 'games and apps section to search in. It appears I no longer have the option to search for videos, films and music when I have been able to previously.

    Is this something that has been removed from blackberry world intentionally by blackberry?


    08-07-14 01:10 AM
  2. kenchang83's Avatar
    Yes music and movie sections have been removed.
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    08-07-14 01:28 AM
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    Like the poster above said, music and movies have been pulled from BBWORLD since july 21. If you want to get music, download the 7digital app (they were the music provider for bbworld). For movies, there's no app in BBWORLD for it yet. But once the amazon app store hits blackberry 'natively' you might be able to download movies from there.

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    08-07-14 01:44 AM
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    Thank you for clarifying people - have a nice day
    08-07-14 02:40 AM

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