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    Why is Mobile 911 app not working on my z10, should have support for a very important alarm software company that runs sewer systems for your city, water plants for your city, industrial plants of all sorts, this is a very important app we use it 24/7 and I need it on my z10, Win911 says on there site that it supports BlackBerry but when i go on BlackBerry World says device not supported??? Ask the tech for the company why it's not supported and just thought BlackBerry would be getting android apps soon so they stopped support, So I guess I can try to side load it but really don't want to, and besides should not have to my boss has an not do good android "older" device and it works on his, I feel a little embarrassed cuz I'm always talking up my z10. So my question is why can't I get this app and why would BlackBerry anore this company "besides" Security reasons since it's for very important in our lives

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    10-22-14 11:02 PM
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    The win911 people don't understand blackberry it seems and looks like someone from BlackBerry needs to reach out to them. Just because bb10 can run android apps does not guarantee all android apps will be fully functional. If their tech wants to support bb10 as per their website, they need to either port the android app over, or at least test the android version of the app to ensure it works before dropping/not developing a native bb10 app.

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    10-22-14 11:12 PM

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