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    I am a very loyal bb user but may be at the end. Have a Q10. Somehow texts form one number stopped showing up. (others are working fine) Messages from this number do not get to my hub or text messages. When I compose a message to this number the prior conversation, including new messages from the number, show up. After I send my message it does not show up in my hub.
    I have searched for a solution but found mostly other people with the same problem. No solution that worked for everyone.
    I finally decide I'm going to do a backup and re-set but now find I can not open link. Again I searched and tried some suggestions but I have limited skills. (Don't know how, or want, to shut off my firewall) windows.net things seem like something I can mess up.
    I have not opened link in quite a while. I use Windows 10.
    Any help on both issues would be appreciated.
    01-16-17 03:41 PM