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    Hello All,

    A few threads on this issue related to z10 but none have helped solve my issue on a z30. On the unlock screen the field to enter the passcode is there, but the on screen keyboard/keypad does not show up, making it impossible to enter the unlock code, and impossible to use the phone.

    I have tried restarting, hard reset, plugging USB into a computer, double finger swipe up from bottom, yelling at it and nothing has helped.

    The z30 appears to be completely healthy/normal aside from this issue.

    It has rendered the phone unusable and if I can't find a solution I'll have to switch to a different phone (which I don't want to do). Also I would like to get my pictures off of the internal storage on it (not on the media card or getting pics would be easy-beasy).

    I am hoping someone can help me.

    08-25-17 01:37 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar

    Two finger swipe up.... said you tried.
    Tap on the password field, keep trying.... expect you tired that more than a few times.
    Hold the power button down... does the shutdown option show up? Can you tap on it?
    Remove battery overnight, try again in the morning.
    Might try logging into BlackBerry Protect and changing the password... might change something.

    To be honest I don't use my Z10 anymore and LINK stopped working long before I stopped. I taught at one time you could unlock your phone from LINK, but then maybe you had to do it on the phone first... worth a shot to check, if LINK works for you.
    08-25-17 02:19 PM

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