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    Recently bought a Samsung bluray player with Smart function and screen mirroring . When I pair it via Miracast I get what I see on my Passport screen but no audio, regardless of volume on both the phone and the TV.

    Bought this as a possible fix. It's called a Toslink digital audio cable. I connected it in addition to the HDMI cable
    Miracast screen sharing issue.. no audio-img_20150421_074031.jpg
    No dice; still the same outcome.

    I'm inclined to believe it's my phone that's the problem considering 1) one of my fellow passport users has no issue with his screen sharing and 2) my partner has no problem with her screen sharing (Samsung Galaxy S5).

    The scary thought is that I'm the only Passport owner in the whole of the crackberry community with this issue as, I don't see any related or similar threads. Please help if you can otherwise, it's back to the old wired adaptor.

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    04-21-15 01:50 AM

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