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    Hi guys,

    My passport (OS version successfully connects to an LG projector through Miracast. But each connection drops in a same certain amount of time (around 60 seconds). Then a toast notification says "Your Miracast connection stops due to the regulations in your location". I saw this notification only once. The subsequent connections drop without a notification. I switched off mobile network, wi-fi and location but it doesn't work. I am just trying to share my device screen, and not displaying any digital content if this is due to the digital rights regulations. Any suggestion, workaround is appreciated.


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    04-13-16 04:36 AM
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    Have you ever been able to connect to other Miracast devices without issues? I connect to a TV thru Miracast dongles and never seen that issue.
    I am wondering if the latest software update broke something. I am on and you mention you are on 2836.

    It would be interesting to know if the problem is related to the Blackberry OS or somehow caused by the LG projector.

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    04-13-16 07:51 AM
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    For what it's worth, since 10.3.2 I have been entirely unable to use Miracast between my Passport and LG TV. They see each other but the 'handshake' to finish connecting never happens.

    Play On works, but it appears that connection goes through WiFi Direct instead of Miracast, it's just the basic screen mirroring that doesn't work no matter what I've tried.

    I have not been able to find out if it is an LG or BlackBerry issue, but I've seen a lot of people mentioning Miracast issues with 10.3.2.

    BlackBerry 10, CB10 signed.
    04-13-16 08:15 AM
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    I have tried previous versions of 10.3.2 including but no luck. By the way, my passport did not boot with OS's older than I know some people mentioned that we can not go back below, but somehow I could not go even that far. Anyway, the current situation is I think we have to live with it. Blackberry neither allow us to install a stable older version for miracast, nor releases a fix for this. Hopeless

    Why these regulations are only for us for blackberry users. My wife's LG G3 connects to the projector without any problem. If there is a local restriction, it should apply for her phone as well. My passport also connects for a minute and functioning nicely but then for some reason drops the connection. I have no idea what is happening on both devices. If we had a chance to see a log file for this showing the error messages, it might be helpful.

    Once the passport connects to the projector, a limited network notification appears on the hub. This network is only for wireless mirroring not for an internet connection. Why the system is looking for an health internet connection on that network? There are obviously some bugs for the miracast and wifi-direct features.
    04-13-16 08:47 PM
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    I had not used Miracast for awhile so I tried using my Microsoft dongle connected to my LG TV. It worked fine viewing youtube videos for a couple of hours.

    I know in the past I had an issue with movies I got from Blackberry having no sound even with a direct HDMI cable connection. A friend at blackberry seemed to think it was to do with the sharing rules as well. However I got the sound to work by just changing the resolution setting on the LG monitor.

    You might want to play around with some settings on the projector and phone to see if they have any affect. Make sure you are not doing any sort of tethering. Some of these rules seem to come into play when it thinks you might be doing some sort of public presentation.

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    04-15-16 09:48 AM
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    There is no resolution settings on projector. It is automatically chosen depending on the provider device. On the screen sharing options of the projector, there are settings under two titles. One is 'group' which has numbers from 1to 5. I have tried each group but it didn't make any difference. The other title is 'channel' which has options like auto, manual and channels from 1 to 13 for 2 Ghz and some channels for 5 Ghz. None of them also make any difference.

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    04-18-16 02:38 AM
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    The miracast connection drops in 65 seconds every time. No more, no less. Exactly 65 seconds. It is not even 60 seconds which at least has a meaning. What would 65 seconds mean?

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    04-18-16 02:48 AM
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    The 65 seconds must be a programmed response to what it thinks you are trying to do. Your setup is being interpreted as some sort of violation. I think only Blackberry/LG could answer that.

    Does the projector have a HDMI port? It might be interesting to try that.

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    04-18-16 05:29 AM
  9. zead29's Avatar
    Yes there is a HDMI port. But I don't have a cable to try. I also don't have another miracast supported device other than amazon fire stick which already doesn't work with BlackBerry. I have decided to order cheap miracast dongles from amazon until find a working one and I will return if not working.

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    04-19-16 05:16 AM

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