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    So, when answering a question involving text (as opposed to speech) there is only one place for the answer to go, which is into a black text box but for some reason a cursor does not appear. The app requires you to first touch the text box to make the cursor appear before then returning to the keyboard to type your answer.

    My question is, does the Key2, or android, have a keyboard shortcut to have a cursor appear on the only text box available?

    Duolingo is a great app the part of the appeal is that you can quickly knock out a lesson in just a few minutes but I try to move quickly and as soon as I see the question I start to type my answer only to realize the asnwer was not entered in the text box so I need to retype my answer. I could learn much faster of the the cursor were already there.

    Thanks for anything anyone can tell me.
    05-10-19 11:32 AM

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