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    I moved from Canada to Malta for business where BlackBerry is almost non - existing. I have just been contracted by a new company where iPhone and androids are loved and my IT persons refuse to help set up my email and calendar because it's a BlackBerry.

    I have the right right settings to my knowledge for the email and server, I even went to Vodafone, my new carrier and they spent 45mins trying to figure it out, they even tried to setup on a iPhone with no luck.

    They suggested what I have suspect either wrong settings or the server accepts iPhone and androids but not another phone.

    The message I get when I set up is :

    "The logo in for account has either changed or is in correct. Update your login information and try again."

    They only other thing I can think of is that have taken over for someone else and instead of deleting account and creating a new one, my account has been cloned on top of the old one.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    08-10-15 07:26 PM
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    Are you sure your login credential is working? Are you able to connect to Outlook Web Access via https://yourexchangeservername/owa

    Secondly, I think there is EAS policy that your IT guy can set to not allowing non provisioned device to connect.

    You may try to talk to your IT guy and confirm all the settings for your account are correct at the server side. Then tell them that you want to use a BlackBerry and will not bug them for tech support. That's what I did last time to get my email on BlackBerry

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    08-10-15 09:19 PM
  3. Joseph K Muscat's Avatar
    Thanks for your help! It was a setting issue and after another request for help my IT help resolve the issue.

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    08-12-15 08:56 AM

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