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    Hello everyone. I am using a Q10 ( OS, and recently I try to use the camera for recording, and I get this msg: The microphone is in use,Close any applications using it and try again. There is no apps running and I am not sure what apps is running in the background or what, I have rebooted it two times and still doing the same thing. I can still make phone call and BBM call works fine but cant send bbm voice note, it wont record. does anyone have had this before? and what have you done to get it fixed? thanks.
    08-09-14 10:22 AM
  2. eldricho's Avatar
    Have got it in the past, but a reboot fixed it permanently
    Check your device monitor for running apps under cpu. Maybe there is something running in the background that's using the microphone. Also check the latest Android and Native apps you have installed the last couple of days.

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    08-09-14 10:31 AM
  3. waynelau's Avatar
    Thanks. That's what I thought too. so I uninstalled them and still no luck, and I have check the background apps, there isn't anything suspicious.
    08-09-14 10:39 AM
  4. waynelau's Avatar
    Just solved. There was an app I have to uninstall and reboot, but I ve had that app for a while, dont know why.
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    08-09-14 10:45 AM
  5. eldricho's Avatar
    You're welcome, glad you got your problem solved

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    08-09-14 12:35 PM
  6. waynelau's Avatar
    After playing with it. The problem isn't the App you just installed. It is the Voice Control system most likely. You don't need to restart, even if you did, the problem will occur again, just initiate the Voice Control and close it when the MSG pop up, you will be able to use the mic again. That is how I solve it at the moment.

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    09-20-14 08:57 PM

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