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    Since around February last year I'd stopped saving things to my media card because my memory was almost full. My phone was working fine until I'd got to around 1000 pictures and videos. I keep getting the device storage almost full notification, and I always delete a few pictures and I had 10% memory. Since then my phones been bugging alot. My BBM&Whatsapp stopped working and they keep deleting all my history when i does work and if does its only for about 5 minutes then my phone reboots. Now they don't open at all, and it just shows an error. I also can not take screenshots of things&iGrann will not let me post picturs or change my profile picture&it will just close down. I've tried to go on my file manager&pictures folder and it wont let me see any pictures so i can delete them. I wanted to try using Blackberry Link but I'm not very techyy but I'm sure I could follow some instructions if anyone has some solutions
    p.s. I would get a new phone but Ii dont get an upgrade until December
    06-27-14 03:38 PM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    Do you have an SD Card?

    1000 Pictures aren't bad, a few 2GB Videos could be a problem...

    Are you saving pictures to the SD Card or to the on board device memory?

    Go to Device Monitor > Storage and see what is using your memory - delete unneeded apps.

    Check your Account advance settings, make sure they are only storing data for the last 30 Days.

    Use BlackBerry Link

    1) Under Home it will have a graph showing your data usage for Music, Pictures, Videos and Documents... if that is what is using most of your data. Copy it to your computer and then delete what you don't need on the device. Either use the SYNC function or Drag and Drop

    2) Do a Full Backup - how large is it?

    3) Do a Quick Backup - how large is it?

    If removing content didn't fix the issue, if removing apps doesn't fix the issue, if reducing the sync time frame for accounts (email....) doesn't fix the issue. Do a security wipe using Setting > Security on the device or Factory Reset using LINK.
    06-27-14 03:59 PM
  3. Rahul1234's Avatar
    U you have and sd card, go to file manager, then click on the pictures/cameras/photos folder and select all the items and then move to sdcard!

    Posted via CB10
    06-27-14 04:02 PM

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