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    I just fired up a new Blackberry Passport today and OMG... Don't even get me started with the Windows 10 and Blackberry Link issues!
    But, my current problem at this moment is that the medium volume bar that shows at the top of the screen when adjusting volume won't shut off. I've tried everything and can't seem to make it turn off.


    09-18-16 10:20 PM
  2. Faizan Syed's Avatar
    Have you restarted the phone?

    Posted via CB10
    09-18-16 10:57 PM
  3. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Do a hard reboot of device...hold power button down for 20-30 seconds until red LED flashes and BlackBerry boot logo reappears.

    As far as Windows 10 the anniversary upgrade screws things but there shouldn't be any issues.....uninstall BlackBerry Link from your PC completely.
    Reboot PC and your device....reinstall the BB DESKTOP software and then reconnect PP to your PC.
    There are a couple of threads which have suggested editing PC registry to remove all traces of Link but I don't believe it's necessary...worked for me without doing so.
    Good luck!

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    09-18-16 10:59 PM
  4. Cornishgirl2's Avatar
    Faizan, I did restart the phone several times. Shut it off for the night and it's still there this morning. Arrrrrggggghhhhh! Thank you for responding!
    09-19-16 10:56 AM
  5. Cornishgirl2's Avatar
    I did do a hard reboot of the device but...no luck so far. I'll try again.
    As for the Windows issue, I finally resolved it by reading in a blog somewhere (two and a half hours of screwing around with it all...) and read that someone else had the same issue. Something to do with whether Blackberry manager was on the desktop already before Windows 10 upgrade. Even after I uninstalled everything it still wouldn't install properly. I got on my laptop and was able to update the Blackberry desktop manager--Blackberry Link, etc., with no problems. I will admit that I'm really bad about backing up my device to the PC, so it had been a long time since I'd link the device to the computer. I do stay on top of software updates. Anyway, I got it to work and was able to device switch with no problem...except the media volume bar issue.
    I'll try another hard reboot and see what happens. It just kind of showed up on its own.

    THANK YOU for your response. I appreciate your time!
    09-19-16 11:01 AM
  6. Faizan Syed's Avatar
    Might be one of the volume button is stuck or something? Have you tried clicking them, do they click properly?

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    09-19-16 12:51 PM
  7. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Might be one of the volume button is stuck or something? Have you tried clicking them, do they click properly?

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    Good point regarding hardware...it would be appropriate to run BBVE(available in BBW) if it's installed on OP device.
    If a hard reboot as described fails to provide a resolution it may also be worth checking if there are any errant headless applications which manage media control or any alternative media apps which are conflicting .e.g. Spotify etc., as well as any recent app installs.

    If the suggestions above still fail to provide a solution, as a last resort, OP could reload the OS with the caveat that any backups may reintroduce problem if reinstalled.

    Good luck!

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    09-19-16 01:07 PM
  8. Cornishgirl2's Avatar
    Hardware is working fine. It's either a 'software' issue, and one I can't seem to troubleshoot a solution to, or the phone, which I don't think is the problem but...what do I know!?!?!?! Thanks for the suggestion. Tried that, the hard reboot, and nothing has worked thus far.
    09-21-16 04:03 PM
  9. Cornishgirl2's Avatar
    Lusitano, I don't know what an 'errant headless application' is. Can you explain? I'm a complete DUMMY when it comes to tech. But, I'm trainable! I don't have Spotify on my passport, and don't use it for music. It wasn't there initially (the volume bar) but after I did a device switch with the SIM from the old to the new, there it was, and there it stays. What is OP?? My previous passport was running on the same OS, I'm pretty sure. So, I have no clue. Also, on the old device, when I typed texts, emails, etc., little emoticons popped up as choices in the word box, if there was an emoji that corresponded with the word. I no longer have that and don't understand why. The old device software was up to date but... Thoughts? Thank you for trying to help! I appreciate your time...
    09-21-16 04:08 PM
  10. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Headless applications are those which typically function in the background when the app isn't immediately open or in use.

    If you have any such application and it has control over your media or audio , IF corrupted it may be the cause of the ever-present volume bar.

    You can go into Settings ...Security and privacy...Application Permission....disable any apps which "run in background"....reboot device and see if that solves your problem.

    Please note the difference between a restart and a reboot as I described in my initial response --you must hold power button down for 20-30 seconds until the red LED flashes and the BlackBerry boot logo reappears.

    I used Spotify as an example but any alternative media app could potentially conflict with the original media player and present as a control error or issue.
    If you have any alternative media apps try to remove and reinstall to see if your problem is solved.

    OP is an abbreviation for Original Post(er)...no offense intended but I was referring to you indirectly.

    From a hardware perspective do try and run BBVE to troubleshoot any possible device control issues...e.g. sticky button etc.

    If this problem continues to present I would suggest a reload of your OS. It's always possible that the initial set up was corrupted in some manner.

    Not certain about the emoticon issue...have you enabled the emoticon feature on your text keyboard. I believe the suggested emoticons will populate as you use the images in your messages.

    It is possible that both issues are related and again....if a hard reboot fails to correct things a reload of OS may be required.

    Curious to know if your replacement PP was a new device in sealed box from your carrier or manufacturer???

    Good luck again!

    Posted via CB10
    09-21-16 05:49 PM

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