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    Guys forgive me if i'm repeating this problem again. I haven't had any solution so i have to renew it. This is what was wrong with my Z10 and the current situation. I pray Someone here has the time to read it all through.
    - I had a small fight and my Z10 suffered in the process. The screen had a crack and was no longer working. I took it to a technician and he worked it for me and everything was ok.
    - I rememeber using the phone the next day after the repairs and everything seemed ok.
    I later noticed that the dialpad was no longer functioning, meaning that when i press a number, it doesnt display but it shows that i am pressing by showing matches found etc; and when i press the dial buttong nothing happens. when i go to the phonebook and choose a number to call, nothing happens still. And lastly, when someone calls my number, it rings on his phone but doesnt ring on mine. I dont even get an alert or anything.
    I cannot play audio or video content. It keeps saying unexpected error etc. I cannot play an audio that was sent on whatsapp or any other app, i cannot view videos. I only have full access to the camera and pictures. I cannot take a video, it first says "Microphone in use, The microphone is in use. Close any application using it and try again" . When i take ok, it says video can't be recorded.
    My worry was that maybe as Whatsapp claims the phone is outdated, maybe in blackberry sees it outdated too and they are sending bugs to spoil it etc. (weird feeling right). Then i knew resetting the phone could help but i was also scared that i could lose my whatsapp or ever since december is drawing closer and i remember i tried installing whatsapp on a blackberry phone and they were asking for last number for verification etc; when i contacted whatsapp, it said all outdated phones won't be able to verify their numbers on whatsapp anymore except you already have it. So i've been patient but i could no longer bear it, so i tried...
    Yesterday i felt tired of telling my friends that my battery is low i can't take videos or i need to restart my phone etc. so i decided to SECURITY WIPE the phone. I went to settings>security and privacy>security wipe>typed blackberry and took delete. The phone took a while to delete then later came back new. ONLY FOR ME TO SEE THE VERY PROBLEMS.
    09-12-16 05:05 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    You could reload the OS using LINK or an Autoloader.

    That would fix any software issues, but you have to realize that problem could also be hardware related.... maybe the person who"fixed" your screen didn't do a very good job. That would easily explain the digitizer not working.
    09-12-16 07:02 AM

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