1. isinisterx's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    So I just bought a BB Q5 and I love it so far, my only concern is one thing. I have two gmail accounts (1 'spam' email and one personal email), however I send emails from both frequently. I set up forwarding from my spam email to my personal email and made a filter to put it under it's own label. The one feature on the gmail app (on android) is that you are able to send messages from different accounts without adding a second account (so I can send emails from my spam email even though the only account added on the device is my personal email)...

    Is something like this possible using BB10?

    Also, I want to be able to sync the messages that I read/delete/reply to from both email accounts on the desktop gmail site, since I use the "All Mail" tab on gmail desktop for all my emails.
    08-05-14 01:21 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    As far as I know, in order to be able to send from a selection of email addresses, you would need the accounts set up on your BB. SO I have a gmail for work, a gmail for personal, a yahoo for fantasy football, a gmail for another username, etc. Only way I can choose from all of those is that they are all set up on my phone.

    I believe this is how it works. Unless gmail on the web allows something different?
    08-05-14 04:43 PM

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