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    I really hope someone can help me, as I've scoured this site and others in hopes of finding an answer to my problem, but haven't found anything.

    I've had a Bold 9900 for a couple of years now. and really like it. I am a heavy user, and so it has begun to demonstrate some of the problems that seem to be inherent to a Bold, and any smartphone that gets a lot of use.

    I received a new Bold 9900, and went to transfer everything over to the new model using Desktop Manager-Device Switch. Everything seemed to go smoothly enough until it was finished. Now, on my new Bold. there is a list of all these apps (some Blackberry, some third-party) in black text on a white background. It displays things like ...

    ... and so on.

    If I click on one, I will get a message that says "Error Starting net_rim_bb_file_name of the app ActivationService.close ActivationApp not found". If I hit the Blackberry button, the only option it gives me is to "close", but selecting this does nothing. I cannot back out of this list, nor can I go to the home screen. Even the lock button does nothing.
    Doing a battery pull does nothing, and I cannot reboot the phone using the turn-off/disconnect button.

    What the hell did I do? And more importantly, how do I undo it?

    I cannot wipe the device because I cannot get anywhere on it save for the aforementioned list of apps.

    I would greatly appreciate any input or suggestions, because I cannot find anything else on this, anywhere.
    08-15-14 11:41 AM
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    This is just a guess, but was your old Bold tied to a BES? If so, you may need to add this new one before it will push the backup over.

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    08-15-14 11:57 AM
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    This is just a guess, but was your old Bold tied to a BES? If so, you may need to add this new one before it will push the backup over.

    Posted via CB10
    Not sure. I'm with Rogers (Canadian carrier) so would that indicate I am tied to a BES?

    Is there any way for me to undo the switch? I did not wipe the data from my old Bold, so it is all intact. I just can't figure out how to get past this problem, or undo it.
    08-15-14 12:28 PM
  4. rthonpm's Avatar
    You're not tied to a BES, that would be for a work phone. If you connect the new Bold to your computer, does the Desktop Manager give you the option to wipe it? You may also want to try wiping with a programme like BBSAK, which will allow you to do a complete factory reset: BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife

    Since you still have your old device, I'd do the following:

    1. Wipe the new one
    2. Move your SIM, or make sure your old Bold is still active on your CDMA plan, and do the switch device back up through desktop manager again.
    3. Do the transfer again to your new phone, let it take as long as it wants until it either restarts on its own, or gives you some indication of being complete.
    4. Move your SIM or provision the new phone to your account.

    These kinds of strange things can happen, but it's usually pretty rare. You may also want to make sure that the new device is running the latest version of the OS when you get it set up.
    08-15-14 12:48 PM
  5. Yendor48's Avatar
    Forgive my stupidity, but by CDMA, do you mean the Blackberry Desktop Manager?

    The transfer definitely finished. There was no doubt about that.

    And i did not see an option to wipe it, only delete data, which I tried. I selected all, but still had the same issue.

    Also, should I have the SIM card in the new device while doing the transfer?

    Thank you for your replies, and for you help. I truly appreciate it.
    08-15-14 12:55 PM
  6. rthonpm's Avatar
    CDMA is a network technology that some carriers use. For older BlackBerrys you can tell whether your phone is GSM (the more common tech) or CDMA by whether or not you need a SIM (CDMA devices don't use SIM cards for their regular networks).

    Try downloading BBSAK with the link in my previous message (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) and let it do a full wipe back to factory settings of your new phone.

    As for the SIM, you should put it in the new phone after doing the transfer.
    08-15-14 03:24 PM

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