1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hey, everybody. Those who already upgraded to new BB devices and those who still use BB OS 10. I'm a BB Classic user. Android devices are awful (I tried them before and after Q20 use). Awful, nothing about UX and I want to use BB Classic again. But there are 2 apps that I need to use and which require higher android runtime. Android runtime 4.4 that is in BB OS 10 is too low, I guess. The talk is about Viber messenger and Upwork app. I really need them and have no idea how to deal with this. Can you advice me something?
    06-24-17 04:37 AM
  2. cbvinh's Avatar
    BB10's Android Runtime is version 4.3. You'll need to find older versions of .apk's of those apps and hope that they're compatible enough with what you need to do.
    06-24-17 05:36 AM

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