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    long story short, i lost all contacts, videos, pictures from priv over the weekend.
    I decided to call support to see if there is a way to get this info back. I told her I was not sure how to back up my PRIV so I've never done it. They asked me for my IMEI and build number.

    they said they will get back to me within the hour. I proceeded to prod and said "How does one backup the priv, back in the day I would use the desktop software and basically dragged and dropped as needed?" Her reply "there isn't a way yet, but are working towards something similar; she implied that there is a backup somewhere and she would get back to me in about an hour"

    Has anyone ever tried calling them for a similar situation? I found it interesting either way.

    09-26-16 06:17 PM
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    You "could" transfer putting your device in "mass storage mode" and using a USB cable. THis would in effect allow you to access your SD card as if your device was a USB drive.
    09-26-16 10:46 PM
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    I use a BB Passport so I don't know what's available in the mobile "stores" for your Priv but I doodled "Android desktop manager " in my PC browser and got Android Desktop Manager for PC among several other Android desktop managers.

    Check Out The Android PC Suite (It's Free)


    Give it a Doodle (google)
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    09-26-16 10:58 PM

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