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    Ok intro time!
    I started on an iPhone 4, moved to various androids, rooting, flashing ROMs etc. Finally on a S5. Hate it. Signal reception and call quality sucks. Samsung has gone downhill in their software and support. I never do anything on my phone anymore other than communication and FB. No one games or anything. IPhone is ******** gouging for isheep.

    Looking at a passport SE. I played a bit with a Z10 and like BB OS. I think moving from Android the PP is my best bet? Sounds like the Priv is half baked at this point, not ready and not a true BB experience. Although I see a lot of people like the classic as well. It's a tough call.

    Can the PP do USB OTG file transfers?

    Anyone with any other recommendations? Pros? Cons of each?

    Any feedback appreciated. Seems like a tight group here. I've read quite a few threads. Will probably looking for help when I get setup. Hope to order something this week. Directly from BB unlocked.

    Can anyone explain YouTube to me? I understand there's no native app. But it still works through the browser right?


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    11-29-15 10:58 PM
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    Yes passport supports otg. Personally will be getting one soon. More than likely January. As planning on a trip over Christmas with the family.

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    11-29-15 11:08 PM
  3. Upright-Underground's Avatar
    YT app works fine for me. No issues via wifi or data.

     Classic
    11-29-15 11:40 PM
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    Simple: If you are drawn to BB10, go ahead and buy it!

    I've been in the same boat a couple of years back. After being really fed up with an android flagship (very, very dissapointing performance despite the raving reviews at the time) I looked at iPhone for a brief moment but did not want to fork out that much cash for a limited device (imho). BB10 has more flexibility but more focus on security. It is my productivity tool - primarily I use it for emails, browsing for information, to actually call (so reception and quality of the call is important). I do not use FB I must admit, I do have it set up for "emergencies" but I cannot comment much on the abilities of the native app. Oh yeah I use Whatsapp to message folks who do not use BBM. Given that, I briefly tried to install FB Messenger but that didn't work out (for me) Of course I could have been something wrong, but since it is not important to me I let it go. People can contact me over GTalk, Whatsapp and BBM. Otherwise, just call.... Over the past years, the QNX devices (I started with a Playbook tablet which is still in use) have been proven to be given rock solid performance, dependable and you have the bonus of having something "special". I kind of like that.

    Well I can only say, if you've experienced BB10 you will dread the day you need to go back, in case BlackBerry decides to discontinue the OS ;-) Having said that, the average lifetime of a phone is about 2 years - and given the fact that they (still) carry the BB10 lineup, I would not worry too much about missing (security) updates for BB10 in the lifetime of your new device.

    When you look at the specs, my new Z30 is backdated, but then in real world performance, you will not notice it at all. Okay, the camera is not all that. But it's good enough to use on "social media". But then, I don't care because I primarily use it to photograph product codes close by or whiteboards. In other occasions where pictures matter I bring my compact or DSLR.

    So all in all, if your user profile is more or less the same as mine, you will love BB10, the Priv is mostly stock android (which is a good thing though) with a guaranteed update policy (like the Nexus range). So if I would be in the market for an Android device, it would be the Priv or a Nexus device.

    In the end, you have to choose what device suits you best. Do some research yourself and convince yourself. No phone is perfect, not even the BlackBerry.
    11-30-15 01:55 AM
  5. Jetmerritt's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the feedback. We'll see what happens. I'm going to pull the trigger on a PP SE when I get the chance.

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    11-30-15 06:37 PM

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