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    Howdy! Just saw a Key2 LE at Walmart. I am IN LOVE with the form factor that includes - what seems to be - a genuinely usable hardware keyboard. I've been dreaming of getting a proper smartphone with a hardware keyboard for a long time, and now the prices are starting to come down AND I'm in need of a new phone soon. but here's the scoop:

    I'm looking for a phone that is at least comparable to the Galaxy Note 3 in terms of performance
    Needs to run on the CDMA network (Live out in the sticks, GSM-only phones are completely useless)
    Must be unlockable or whatever so I can use a prepaid plan on it (Currently with US Cellular, may switch to Verizon)

    I'd strongly LIKE to have a phone that has a hardware keyboard
    And I'd strongly LIKE a phone that has a removable battery.

    The Key2 looks like the closest thing I've found. I understand when it was released, it did NOT have a CDMA option, but now it's compatible with Verizon. I also understand the battery is not removable.

    IS there a key2 that runs on CDMA? And if not, is there an older BlackBerry phone that meets these requirements?

    If not, I'll probably go with an LG G6 or something.
    09-01-19 07:29 AM
  2. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    VZW is phasing out CDMA so activation is already somewhat restricted. Newer VZW hardware doesn't include CDMA as those frequencies are being converted to LTE on an ongoing basis now.

    The KEYone was the last model to offer CDMA version and those aren't very common anyways.
    09-01-19 07:36 AM
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    The KEY2LE is sold by Verizon but without any CDMA bands, it's LTE-only on their network. The KEY2 wasn't ever sold by Verizon and people have tried getting some functionality out of it, but again, without CDMA. The last BB-branded device sold in the US with CDMA was the KEYone, which has its issues mentioned above. Going back to BB-branded, sold in the US, with CDMA, and with a removable battery gets you the Q10, but it would be easier to stick with the Note 3 instead of diving that far into the dumpster.
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    09-01-19 09:14 AM
  4. Ragbert's Avatar
    I've always had Verizon, and have had both the Q10 (removable/swappable battery) and a Classic (fixed battery, bigger screen, and a toolbelt; otherwise virtually identical to the Q10) on their CDMA network. But you need to know what you'd be getting into with either model. Both phones run the BB10 OS, which very few (if any?) developers support anymore. Nor will BlackBerry itself support it for too long after 2019 (we don't really know how much longer BlackBerry will support it). The app store for installing or upgrading any native software will be shut down for good at the end of 2019. The Android Runtime on BB10 is 4.3, so any Android apps you install would have to be much older versions, or versions that still support older Android. The native BB10 browser stopped being upgraded several years ago, so many websites now use technology that the BlackBerry browser can't process.

    I've taken some gorgeous photos with both devices, but the cameras don't do well in low light.

    That all said, if you only want a phone for basic communication (telephone, SMS, email), both of these devices will make you happy for a short while, anyway. The physical keyboards are absolutely fantastic (there is no virtual keyboard for anything other than symbols), the sound is terrific even from the speaker, and the native Hub handles email and texts perfectly for my needs.

    If you want something that will be supported for more than 4 months (and that you won't have to beg and grovel with VZW to activate), then look for a Verizon-branded Key² LE. It runs Android, Verizon will support it on its LTE network, and you'll be able to use commercial apps and the latest versions of software on it. They're hard to find in the US right now, but keep your eyes open, as some retailers have hinted that new stock may be on the way.

    Posted with my Classic, SQC100-3/
    09-01-19 11:46 AM
  5. the_boon's Avatar
    Seems like you would be happy with the LE.

    I can 100% recommend this device.
    09-02-19 06:46 PM

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