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    We are slowly migrating users to Office 365 and want to retain BES 5 talking to Exchange 2010 while users are migrated in batches to Office 365. These users will be migrated to BES 365 talking to exchange in the cloud. Can we retain BES 5 and have it managed and coupled to BES 365 so they can be managed via BES 365 console? What would be the licensing implications would we only need 1 set of licenses for the users regardless of the BES they are managed through?


    10-19-16 04:01 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Don't know what BES365 is....

    Are you talking about moving from a local Exchange installation that was integrated with BES5. To a Cloud Exchange Servers (Office 365) to use with BES12 (local or cloud based)?

    If that is the case... you will need new licenses. At one time these were upgradable, but I don't belive that is the case anymore. Best bet is to contact BlackBerry and speak with them...

    (or look at Microsoft's add on EMM solutions that work with Office 365... as it's probably cheap and less complicated)
    10-19-16 09:59 AM

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