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    Just looking for some constructive comments/feedback as I am totally disillusioned with BB.

    I have been a rabid BB fan for many, many years and have owned several Curves, a Tour and currently a Q10. However, I feel my time in the BB camp is at an end. Why, you may ask? I'll limit this to 5 things.

    1) Hub.
    If the Hub is supposed to be the central point for all communication types, then why allow access to text and BBM from somewhere else? Accessing BBM from a tile behaves differently from accessing it via the Hub, in that you cannot go 'back' to the Hub if you originally accessed it via a tile. Very annoying. Speaking of the Hub, after updating the OS to it actually got worse. If I read a Hotmail message and say, a BBM message then went back to the Hub, the Hub shows I still have unread messages in Hotmail and BBM. So I go back to Hotmail and BBM and there are NO new messages. The Hub is too slow at updating the read status of messages so it's actually showing incorrect information. Very annoying.

    2) Email.
    Speaking of email, this one really makes me mad. I read a few Hotmail messages and go about my business. Then I look at my phone and see I have an unread Hotmail email. So I go into Hotmail and see that the unread message is in fact one that I have previously read. So the Q10 is resetting the last read email back to unread. WTF? Then we have Outlook email. Despite all the correct sync settings, my Q10 does not respond to changes in Outlook email. Meaning, if I read an Outlook email on my desktop it stays as unread on my Q10. Even if I delete the email from my desktop it still stays on my Q10. Unbelievable!

    3) Accept/Reject Calls.
    For a short time I was forced to have an Android/Razr thing from my company. It was either that or an iphone and I refuse to have any Apple products in my house on principle. Apart from the unusable slide out landscape real keyboard, the thing I hated most about that POS was having to swipe the screen to accept or reject a call. I liked the simplicity of BB's red and green buttons for that purpose mainly because you didn't need to physically pick up the phone to accept/decline a call, just touch a button. Imagine my horror when I got my Q10 and it too has this swipe thing going on. No red or green buttons and no BB button either. Major step backwards in my view.

    4) Cut/Paste.
    I loved the tracker ball function of my Tour. It made copy/cut/paste easy and accurate. The point-and-hold-then-slide nonsense of the touch screen on the Q10 is clunky, inaccurate and totally annoying to the point of making it unusable for me. If you have fingers like cocktail sticks, fine. Most don't including myself.

    5) Call Blocking.
    I saved the best (read worst) for last. It's 2014. We're sending probes to Mars at this point in our evolution as a species and yet I cannot block unwanted calls on my BB phone. I hear it's because BB have not released some API for developers or some such nonsense, but really? There are dozens of call blocking apps for all the other platforms, including prior versions of BB but not for BB 10. Yet BB want to hype up their new Passport 'phone and wax lyrical about how they're going to fight back and re-establish themselves in the market, focus on core values, blah blah blah. I remember reading somewhere that 10.3.x would have this functionality and would be out in September. More recently I read 10.3 won't be out until the end of the year. FFS, what is going on? Why are BB making it so hard to continue to love them?

    There are two things that have kept me loyal until now. BBM and a real keyboard. BB have now given BBM away so it's no longer exclusive to BB. As for the real keyboard, well it lost the red/green buttons, the BB button and the tracker ball so for me, it actually got worse. Plus and here's the clincher - the evolution of voice recognition. If you can speak emails, text messages and IMs without needing to type them, the need for a real keyboard becomes less of an issue.

    The lovely sounding Cortana on WindowsPhone 8.1 is calling my name. Why should I resist? I'd be really interested to read comments/feedback. Thanks!
    09-19-14 12:04 PM
  2. BBFanatic4Life's Avatar
    It's called the BlackBerry Classic, it's what you need, it should be out in November.

    Posted via CB10
    09-19-14 12:35 PM
  3. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Sorry. I guess I can't help you as I suffer from none of what you write. I am using 10.3 on my phone, can add a call blocker app if i choose, can accept or reject a call by swiping (what is any easier than that???) and use all the individual apps for correspondence. That is BBM from the BBM app, text messages from the app. I simply use the Hub as a notification system. I don't find myself inconvenienced with these things you mention. But since you are, good luck with a windows phone.

    OS 10.3 is lovely and I know I will enjoy it for a while to come. Maybe if you loaded it on your phone to give it a try before giving up on BB since you are such a fan, you would see for yourself? Just an idea.
    09-19-14 12:38 PM

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