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    I just updated last night. I previously read that there weren't any significant changes in this software release, but I have discovered two major issues thus far. first, my lock screen notifications do not show up anymore, despite that they are toggled on in the settings. I've toggled off/on, rebooted in between, and still nothing shows up. these notifications are key! where could they have gone? second issue is that the camera shortcut that used to show up in the bottom right corner of the lock screen is no longer there. what gives? maybe these two strange disappearances are related... but they've seriously crippled the convenience of this phone. does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?

    notes: my passport is not locked to a carrier. my automatic software updates are not/have never been toggled on. (not sure if either of these matter, but I seem to recall ppl asking those types of questions in other threads).

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    07-31-15 02:10 PM
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    For the notification display of your lockscreen, try to use BlackBerry Protect website and send a message from the website on your lockscreen

    For the camera, you should go to settings > security > functions deactivation to see if camera is enable or not

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    07-31-15 02:17 PM
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    I tried both of these with no luck. it actually raises a third potential problem. when I logged into BlackBerry protect,it took quite a few attempts for the display message to successfully reach my phone, despite my having full bars and lte. BlackBerry protect asks for me to enter a device password, and also suggests that my device will become locked after the message appears on the lock screen. well, eventually one of the messages came through but the device did not lock. now I can't seem to get rid of the BlackBerry protect message I sent myself. my bbm, email, and text messages still aren't showing up on the lock screen.

    as far as the camera shortcut on the lock screen goes, I didn't see any place (other than parental controls) where I could change a camera setting. everything there seems to be in order as far as what's switched on.

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    07-31-15 02:55 PM
  4. sviciani's Avatar
    They disappered to me after I sent a ring from BB protect (from PC)
    Sending a message the same way, they come up again.
    08-01-15 09:55 AM
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    Parental control?

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    08-01-15 10:08 AM
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    If you've already tried adjusting the parental controls, and have tried a few hard resets, then it would seem something got messed up during the OTA update. That can happen occasionally.

    You may need to consider a clean install of the OS using an autoloader.

    08-01-15 10:09 AM
  7. igon's Avatar
    I re-sent the sound from BlackBerry protect, and that got rid of the message that was stuck on the lock screen right below the clock. unfortunately, the two original issues i've been having (no lock screen notifications and no lock screen camera shortcut) continue to persist. parental controls are in order. I don't like to resort to restoring the device, wiping everything clean... but it does sound like the only option if most others on are not experiencing these issues. I will give it another couple of days to see if other suggestions pop up. thanks all

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    08-01-15 10:45 AM
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    ok, now THIS is weird... I fixed it, using a combination of suggestions that many of you posted.

    this all began when I tested the 'play a sound' function on BlackBerry protect. my mistake was that I didn't play the sound again. rather than doing so, I tried the 'display a message' feature, which was not working correctly because I had played a sound only once (or more precisely, an odd number of times). after playing a sound an even number of times, again, through BlackBerry protect, I then used the 'display a message' feature. when I was in the odd-number 'play a sound' loop, the message would display but I was never prompted for the password that I specified in BlackBerry protect. now being in the even-number 'play a sound' loop, both the message displayed and I was prompted for a password, as intended by that function I assume. after entering the password, everything went back to normal. lock screen notifications are back and my camera shortcut is also back on the lock screen.

    so I guess the long and short of it is that when you use the functions in BlackBerry protect, execute them in pairs and try not to nest the execution of those functions. at least that's my take away. hopefully BlackBerry can sort this all out in another update or at least create some clear instructions on how to use BlackBerry protect without running into these kinds of issues.

    thank you all for your help, I really appreciate your taking the time.

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    08-01-15 11:12 AM
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    Does it work now?
    Don't ring it again (unless you really need to do it)
    08-01-15 11:30 AM

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