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    With a Q10 what is the best way to get all my contacts from local device to a gmail or outlook.com account?

    Thank you

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    02-01-15 07:57 AM
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    Bump it for you hopefully somebody with knowledge can chime in

    02-01-15 09:02 AM
  3. Centerman66's Avatar
    If you don't have too many and are on 10.3.1 (I think it's only been possible since 10.3.1)....select a contact. Overflow menu. Select more. Then select all the ones you need moved. Overflow menu. Copy to. Choose address book(s).

    Then you can delete local. This can be done in one action from the settings, accounts menu.

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    02-01-15 09:18 AM
  4. darkhawk's Avatar
    Hay that kinda works.
    When I go to copy they emails are already check. But is fine I'm going to mess with this more.
    Thank you a lot
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    02-01-15 11:55 AM

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