1. Crapshoot2010's Avatar
    My wife's LG G3 needs repair and I have wiped my old Z10 so she can use it while the other one is being fixed.

    Everything set up fine except for BBM. I think if I remember correctly I did have to prove my BlackBerry I'd during set up even after I wiped the phone and I'm assuming some how this has something to do with not being able to activate a new account on the old phone.

    So if this is the problem how do I disassociate my BlackBerry ID from the Z10 ?

    This would be helpful to know as to be honest I was looking forward to a BBM video chat and would be nice to be able to give her the phone if she likes it with no association to me at all.

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    12-28-15 05:40 PM
  2. nuff_said's Avatar
    You should be able to setup BBM with a separate email address from your bbid.
    If the phone wants to associate BBM with your bbid it's doing so because during the setup phase, when asking for a bbid, you entered your old one. During that step you could setup any email address as the bbid
    12-28-15 05:48 PM
  3. Crapshoot2010's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply and you're correct I did enter my BBID do to it not accepting my wife's email address which I was hoping to use. For whatever reason it would not let me go any further with out my ID that I use for my passport.

    We were able to set up her facebook and contacts and a few other things but all the BBM will do is switch from on phone to the other. Is it possible this has to be done thru either BlackBerry Protect or Link?

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    12-28-15 06:01 PM
  4. Crapshoot2010's Avatar
    Actually just now after reading in the general BlackBerry Discussion there seems to be someone with almost the exact same problem as me at the, moment so I'm going to try what has been suggested over there.

    Sincere thanks for the help.

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    12-28-15 06:17 PM

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