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    Yes I have two questions number one is there anyway to put BlackBerry Link on linux's mint. I have totally done away with any windows programs for obvious reasons . I would like to do a security while and reload my operating system on my BlackBerry through Linux if there's any way possible I would like to know , Without using wine . Second I would like to know why everything that is on my Sd card that has been added deleted her ever had on there is in the android program on my device . It says on the android device that it has zero folders zero files but when you do a property check it has over 6 GB I copied and pasted it to my Sd card open did it has every picture every file that I have every ever made and it a lot of the stuff I have deleted and why is it there . Thank you for any help you can give me Lonnie

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    04-18-15 11:01 AM
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    When you have a Linux machine, what do you need BB Link for? The OS updates himself OTA. Also a Security Wipe can be done without BB Link. File transfer between the device and the Linux PC can be done in many different ways (USB, FTP, Samba, ...), you don't need Link for anything. The only thing you should have is some good backup software on your BB to save the contacts and calendar events and such stuff before you do the Wipe. Use Ultimate Backup for that.

    About your SD card: Try to save the contents of your SD card via USB onto your Linux PC. Then reformat the SD card using your BB device.So you can be sure the SD card is properly formatted and gets a complete directory structure. Then restore your saved data from the Linux PC onto your SD card.

    Note: when your SD card is bigger than 32GB you need probably special software on your Linux machine. Many USB drivers can't mount 64 or 128 GB SD cards with exFAT file systems out of the box. Look if you have installed a Linux package named fuse-exfat (or similar).
    04-18-15 11:23 AM
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    The Android folders are just symbolic links to the actual files on your device. Since there is technically nothing in the folders they would show as empty.

    As for BlackBerry software on Linux, you won't find any at this time. Linux's share of the desktop market is smaller than BlackBerry has in the smartphone market and with the mess that is GNOME, KDE, etc as well as the different package managers (dpkg, rpm, etc) there's more work than there is benefit in building Linux versions.

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    04-18-15 11:25 AM
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    Okay I can understand that but where are the files and pictures coming from from the fold android folder when they don't even exist in my Sd card they did once before but no longer there .
    Okay moving on so I can even fresh install a leak On my BlackBerry Z10. I used to have the all the latest BlackBerry Leaks I used to run them as soon as I came out but I have back downs because here in the states I believe that the operating system is still back at 10.2. I have all backups of my pictures and files and everything that I used I don't keep anything on the phone itself everything is all the folders are blank except for the android folder but I keep it all on the S d card so that's not the issue I was warning to make sure that I can do a security wipe and reload a fresh copy of a leak onto my be with linux operating system what everybody's told me that it possibly could be done but I don't want to be stuck back in the stone age with 10.2 going through AT&t.

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    04-18-15 12:44 PM

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