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    since the last os update I am unable to backup my Leap. It connects with Link and I can access pictures etc. but backups fail. Also Link can no longer access previous backups even though they do exist on the computer. I have tried re-installing Link but the problem persists
    12-24-16 06:23 PM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    BlackBerry Link is no longer being updated and is no longer compatible for many people running updated versions of Windows 7, Windows 10, and Mac OS. There is also a Windows 10 conflict with iTunes.

    There are at least a couple CrackBerry threads, discussing this problem and some possible fixes, but I suggest you start to think about alternative backup and sync solutions.


    ?BlackBerry Link has stopped working? after updating to iTunes 12.5
    12-24-16 06:35 PM

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