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    I asked the same question on reddit, but thought I would do it on here as well.

    Currently have a Sony ZX Premium, which has the latest android, basically S8 internals with a 4K screen. Also a really good camera and its water proof.

    I'm really wanting a keyboard on my phone though, I hate the on screen keyboard. I have some questions about the keyone. I know this is a downgrade as far as processor and camera and losing the water proofing. But I really want a keyboard and the shortcuts it comes with

    Some things I do with my current phone:

    -Sell and buy items on ebay, take photos of items, answer emails and customer questions, list items.
    -Trade stocks with an app, I am assuming even though the screen's smaller I'll still be able to see everything ok
    -Text a whole lot and write emails to various people from my phone
    -I only have two games, poker and candy crush, I'm not a gamer
    -Take photos on vacation of family
    -Banking and insurance apps
    -Google maps/Waze
    -Grubhub, UBEReats
    -Uber and Lyft
    -Stream Spotify and pandora via bluetooth to my car, also take calls this way
    -Speakerphone calls
    -Sit in a hot tub listening to music and sometimes watching youtube and netflix

    So the big question I have, how bad is the camera really? Recently went to a theme park with my family in California and I took a lot of photos and in the end ordered a photo book made of the photos I took with my Sony. The photos turned out amazing. Would I be able to replicate this with the Keyone? Would the photos be good enough?

    What about photos for listing items on ebay?

    Any issues with streaming music via bluetooth?

    How is the speaker phone?

    Any issues with the screen being to small? I'm thinking it won't be an issue.

    Does google maps look ok on this? I use this quite a bit.

    This is going to be my computer away from my computer, do you feel like it can do all of this? Again I'm willing to give up something so that I have a keyboard, just not 100% sold on the keyone as I read it has quality issues and might be super laggy. My sony has no lag, but I'm ok as long as it just runs ok.

    Assuming I can't take this thing in the hottub with me ether, even if its sitting on the side and might get some sprinkling on it?

    I've watched on the reviews, I just wanted to
    03-01-18 01:19 AM
  2. dforrest08's Avatar
    Everything you are asking is basically good on they keyone. The only thing I'd say that could be a problem is the camera. But you could always just keep the Sony around for a camera I guess.
    03-01-18 01:36 AM

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