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    I'll be picking up my new Keyone next week, but as it will be running on Android, I was wondering if it's still possible to work offline? For example, if (like on BB10) it's still possible to compose, read and send (queue) email with no wifi or network coverage?

    I often have clients out in rural areas, and when I try to access their emails when travelling, my current Galaxy S6 mostly requires a network to access emails.

    If it is, which options would I need to consult to make sure that past and new emails are stored locally to the device?

    Thank you so much in advance for any suggestions that you may have.
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    06-09-17 10:50 AM
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    Depending on your email account, when setting up your account you'll have the option to sync 'Forever' which will pull in all the emails in your account and give you local access to them. This is for accounts which support Exhange/ActiveSync, eg: GMail, Outlook etc.

    You'll have access to review them all and such with no network coverage and even reply to email that will just sit in your email outbox until the next time you connect.
    06-09-17 02:51 PM

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