1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Trying to open some transferred (from Q10) photos. Keep getting file unsupported message. Have tried Google app and others. Any ideas welcome.
    05-23-17 02:11 PM
  2. Rico4you's Avatar
    Hello try this..go to your file Manager, open file in question and save to KEYone folder but add extension .jpg
    Good luck
    05-23-17 05:03 PM
  3. PedalPlodder's Avatar
    These are jpg files (altho I have tried renaming them too). Still no luck.
    05-24-17 11:25 AM
  4. Rico4you's Avatar
    Hello try sending a support email to BlackBerry Mobile with your issue:


    Good luck

    Posted via CB10
    05-27-17 06:43 PM
  5. thurask's Avatar
    Was the Q10 you copied the files from encrypted in any way? And how did you copy the files over onto your KEYone?
    05-27-17 07:08 PM

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