1. Darin Pletsch1's Avatar
    A customer of mine was having issues adding an email account to the Hub. Authentication errors, etc.

    In the process of trying to clear that problem I thought we should uninstall and reinstall the Hub software, not realizing it could not be uninstalled.

    After we disabled and re-enabled the Hub, the user told me they were missing their email account shortcuts from the home screen.

    When I tried the steps of going to the App Drawer -> Shortcuts -> Hub -> Account I had problems. The Hub section did not exist.

    The phone is a KeyOne. Should be running the latest updates as of today, as the user has auto update turned on for everything. Hub was updated as of 10-25-18. And I just don't see any section for Hub in the shortcuts portion of the app drawer.

    Suggestions, please??
    11-01-18 04:30 PM
  2. Darin Pletsch1's Avatar
    Lucked into a fix on my own. We added another another to the hub and discovered the button to create shortcut on home screen in the account settings within the hub. Recreated the shortcuts from there.

    Once that was completed, checked the app drawer and the options were back there as well.

    11-02-18 10:23 AM

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