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    So I just got my long awaited Keyone which was amazing and something I had really been looking forward too. Then in a first for me, it dropped into a pool of water. It worked fine for a bit but the shortcut keys were flickering a little so I shut it down for the night to be safe. The next morning I turned the phone on, but the keyboard was now completely useless and the shortcut keys were still flickering, I put it in rice and left it for another day. For the last 2 days the screen and shortcut keys are illuminated and working fine, they keyboard is still completely useless.

    Now I have no extended warranty, I am sure there is nothing Blackberry or Bell could or would do for me as it did get wet. As I chose a password instead of fingerprint two of the ways to hard reset the phone are useless to me, and from what I read holding the power for 32 seconds only works if the phone won't turn on.

    I guess I am asking for recommendations, should I toss this in the junk drawer until I can one day afford to have it fixed, should I even bother and just start saving for a new Keyone? Also, is there another way to hard reset the phone other than settings/password 10 times/32 seconds

    I've got my Q10 (even a Bold!) to fall back on so I'm not phoneless, but any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I'm really bummed out this Blackberry stopped working so quickly when all others have been so resilient, I really don't know what to do next.

    Thanks Crackberry community!
    06-28-17 10:10 PM
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    Your window of salvage was up 5 mins after you dropped it in the pool. Should have fished it out and tossed it in a bag of rice immed., not the next day. Toss it in a drawer, forget it about for a week and see if it comes back to life. If not, start saving. Trying to fix it would almost be pointless as the parts are slim and not widely available yet and you'd likely end up paying nearly as much for a brand new one.
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    06-28-17 10:45 PM

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