1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Does anyone know which carriers in Ontario will have the KEYone? I am currently with Koodo but they abandoned Blackberry 3 years ago so I would be pleasantly surprised if they will add the KEYone (or any BB) back into their device list.
    05-10-17 09:33 PM
  2. John Vieira's Avatar
    Telus, Rogers, Bell. Probably only through their business lines.

    Maybe you'll be able to buy one locked from Telus, online. And use it on Koodo without unlocking.
    05-10-17 09:40 PM
  3. thurask's Avatar
    Not Freedom Mobile.
    05-10-17 09:41 PM
  4. vision1961's Avatar
    @John Viera - are you meaning that may be possible because Telus own Koodo?
    05-15-17 06:00 PM
  5. rabbitupnorth's Avatar
    Will BlackBerry or BlackBerry Mobile sell direct?

    Posted via CB10
    05-16-17 05:09 AM

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