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    I have about a month or so till my upgrade and until recently I thought it was a simple choice but now I'm not so sure,i have had the z10 for coming up to 2 years now and until the recent software update it was a happy( ish) relationship but after the update my real problems began,you see I always thought I would upgrade to the passport..why? Simple I love the bb10 platform but the z10 keyboard is so small and cramped I end up texting so much typos I spend most of my time apologising for the text I've sent,and now because of the bugs in the recent software update I bought myself a bold 9900.I wanted to stick with blackberry and as I had only a few months till my upgrade I didn't want to splash out the cash,also I wanted more than anything to try out the bold 9900 as I was a late comes to the platcorm. I had always wanted to be a blackberry user I had walked into my local phone shop with good intentions and then having been told that blackberry wasn't for the likes of me "it's a business phone here have this phone or that phone instead "I've never actually used the blackberry keyboard before!! I know it sounds absurd,Yes I have fliitered briefly with both storm 1& 2,and even toyed with a curve phone but not actually spent seriously quality time with a full keyboard, but that's it so using a qwerty keyboard was the strangest thing I have ever used,i felt I should be typing epic text and emails instead I found myself so angry and frustrated I was typing like a 3 year old.i want to stick with blackberry after spending so many years dragging myself through endless operating systems I've found the one I am so comfortable with and I've used phones since the Nokia 5110, but it's a case of for me at least on-screen keyboard or physical keyboard simply because the on-screen keyboard is way to small.

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    04-15-15 06:59 PM
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    Well it sounds like you are having issues with the physical keyboard on the Bold so I guess you might want to either take some time to get used to it and see if it is something that you will enjoy, or if you should go with another full touch (Leap?). It's not as if he need to make your decision right now anyway so be patient and get to know your Bold, or ponder while using the Z. It is ultimately your decision and you need to be happy with it for the term of your next contract, so just be happy with what he have for now and the answer will present itself soon enough. For what it's worth, I have the Z30 and use the 9900 for my work day and play with the Z when I'm home. I love the keyboard and the down to business feel of the Bold. My next BlackBerry will be full qwerty for sure.
    04-16-15 12:07 AM

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