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    Just migrated from a Blackberry Classic, when I copy and paste an email signature into Manage Accounts/Email Account/Signatures does not allow me to apply bold to my job title? The Blackberry classic on the old OS allowed me to format my signature so my work desktop email and phone signatures are identical. Is this is an android problem or is there a fix?

    Also undable to locate our company email font Segoe UI we use on Outlook 365. Is there a way that MS Office fonts can be loaded into the Blackberry Hub email client without the need to mess about with coding?
    10-29-19 09:07 AM
  2. rthonpm's Avatar
    Office TrueType fonts are proprietary fonts so they are not free. They are installed into the operating system of your PC along with Office.

    For better guidance on how to potentially change your system font on your mobile, it would be helpful to know what your new device is. Generally in Android it's the app launcher that determines what fonts are available, but your options are going to be more or less similar looking fonts. The BlackBerry Launcher on the Key series doesn't offer the ability to change the font style.
    11-02-19 06:30 AM

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