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    Go to Hub, go to specific email account, view all folders, sync the one you want to search, search for a word you know will be there, select the proper email account once again, and the title and subject and date of the email shows up, but body is blank. I tried to send feedback from the hub and I got a strange email that due to new privacy laws, my email went nowhere and i should contact them on blackberry.com/contact. when i tried to log in there, it told me my account was suspended and to contact my administrator. I am a person, and i do not have an administrator.

    Anyone else have this remote search problem?
    06-24-19 01:46 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Anyone else have this remote search problem?
    Have you installed the latest Hub+ Inbox app from the Google Play Store?
    06-25-19 01:38 PM

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